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SANS Institute

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Center for Internet Security


US Cyber Challenge
Council on Cybersecurity

Board of Directors

Michael Assante
Advisor & Director Council on Cybersecurity

Mason Brown
Director, SANS Institute

J.B. "Gib" Godwin
President, BriteWerx, Inc.

David Brown
Managing Director
Brown Performance Group

Our Mission

We identify, enable, and encourage young Americans with high aptitude for technical achievement in information security to discover their talents, develop their passion, and determine where their talent can be nurtured so they can make a major contribution to the physical and economic security of the US and its enterprises.

The Cyber Aces foundation achieves its mission by offering challenging and realistic cybersecurity competitions, training camps, and educational initiatives through which high school, college students, and young professionals develop the practical skills needed to excel as cybersecurity practitioners and to become highly valued citizen-technologists.

Our Values

Rules Matter

Cybersecurity begins with rules – the rules by which systems operate.

Breaking rules is easy. Making rules better is hard.

We don’t teach people to break rules. We teach people to respect them and make them stronger - to understand how good rules work, why bad ones don’t, and how to tell the difference.

We believe that’s the best way to develop people who can make systems better, safer, and more secure.

Sometimes we use the word, “hacking”. When we do, it’s based on this same respect for rules.

Do No Harm

Knowing how to make a system secure requires knowing what makes a system vulnerable. We recognize the importance of teaching kids to use this knowledge to do good, not to do harm.

CyberAces foundation was founded to develop people who can defend against destructive cyber attacks. We teach people to defend and prevent harm, not to attack and cause harm.

Demonstrate Mastery

Cyber threats are dangerous and complex. The risk to our country is high and increasing. A response focused on achieving competence will fail. Our country needs more than competence in cybersecurity, we need the world’s best.

Our programs focus on helping students achieve mastery. We help them demonstrate their mastery as they progress through the learning.

Not everyone makes it to the top. But those who do will have the skills to respond fully to the cyber threats facing our country.

Grow the Talent Pool

There aren’t enough people entering the field of cybersecurity - too many threats go unaddressed, too many jobs go unfilled.

We seek to help more people discover the excitement and rewards of cybersecurity.