Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the course designed for?

SANS Cyber Aces Online is designed to meet a range of participants – including those seeking to strengthen their existing cybersecurity knowledge, self-taught individuals seeking to assess their skill levels, and newcomers seeking to enter the field. Past participants include:

  • High school students
  • High school teachers and administrators
  • College students
  • Military veterans
  • Active military
  • Job seekers
  • Career changers

Do I have to register?

No. SANS Cyber Aces Online is available as open courseware, so registration is not required to access the course content.

Is there a fee?

No. SANS Cyber Aces Online is free for all participants.

Do I need special computer software or hardware?

Yes. To fully experience the tutorial contents, you will need to install VMware (VMware Player for Windows or Linux hosts, or VMware Fusion for Macs). You'll also need to download two virtual machines to run in VMware: a Linux and a Windows version. This will require at least 30GB of disk space.