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SANS Cyber Aces Online is designed for individual participants to progress at their own pace. Cyber Aces championship events are an opportunity to compete with other students across your state for top honors and scholarships.

For ideas on how you can engage your students in cyber security, click here for suggestions from educators who've used Cyber Aces successfully in their classes.

Module Topics

Module 1: Networking

A firm understanding of Network fundamentals is essential to being able to secure a network or attack one. This module provides a broad overview of networking, covering the fundamental concepts needed to understand computer attacks and defenses from a network perspective. This module focuses on the various protocols used at each layer, with a particular focus on the Networking layer.

Module 2: Operating Systems

This module introduces the students to computer operating systems, with a strong emphasis on command line usage. The first half focuses on Linux, guiding students through using a CentOS LiveCD in VMware Player and teaching important concepts and commands. The second half focuses on Windows, particularly Windows 7, and covers important topics that all advanced computer users should know.

Module 3: System Administration

This module is intended to provide students with the tools they need to perform common administrative functions in some of the most popular scripting environments. The module will examine PHP and PERL in the context of an Apache webserver, and then it will examine using GNU BASH and Microsoft Powershell scripting from the command line to complete every day administrative functions.

How to help participants prepare

Any teacher or administrator who likes computers can add value: teachers in technology courses, teachers in computer programming courses, and even the system administrator who runs the computers at the school can help. There are a few ways teachers can help their students to study and prepare for the competition. Some teachers use the online courses in class. Other teachers discuss the concepts in class and assign the courses as homework.

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Cyber Careers

There's a critical shortage of cybersecurity professionals in the public and private sectors. Recently, the Department of Labor reported zero percent unemployment in information security jobs and a study by Cisco Systems reported those jobs were among the highest paying IT jobs.

For Teachers

If you are a teacher or school administrator, Cyber Aces is also a great way to introduce your students to cybersecurity. The three online course modules teach the fundamentals of cybersecurity in an easy to use, engaging way and help students discover and develop their interest and skills.

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The SANS Cyber Aces curriculum was developed by the SANS Institute, the most trusted and the largest source for information security training and security certification in the world. Meet some of the leaders in the cybersecurity field who are behind the design and development of the online tutorials.

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SANS Cyber Aces Online makes available, free and online, selected courses from the professional development curriculum offered by The SANS Institute, the global leader in cyber security training.